Sayulita Week One

Week 1 in Sayulita.

We have now been in Sayulita for one week. Our casa, Casa Namaste, has been very excellent.
It is located about 2 blocks from the zocola of town and is clean, breezy, has filtered
water and a great property manager who can also teach you to surf.

It has been hot, smoking hot. I have been melting daily. It's been a struggle to stay
hydrated enough in this heat. Then I saw the stories and postings from people back
home about how they are covered in snow. I now have a new perspective that says
"whatever" to the heat.

The kids have been mostly great at adapting to the heat - N is doing much better than
D. D eats even less air than he usually does and refuses drinks. He gets better with
a bit of cooling/bribing/showering but it's still a struggle to keep him fed and watered.
N has already had a bout of stomach something - but it was quick 12hrs - he is back
to eating everything put in front of him. Both boys are doing great at waking us up way
before we want to but on the plus side I get to see the sun rise before it begins to
bake the countryside.

Beaches here are amazing. The water is this bluish tub of water that you just walk into
with zero hesitation. Surreal. I have never experienced water like this before. Even
in Cuba the water was chilly in places. The onda is awesome on the beach. Our favourite
beach so far is Playa Los Muertos. Small beach, small kid friendly surf, and very few

I have ventured out onto the street to buy some food a few times and never been disappointed.
There is one 10peso taco stand that serves up amazing food. There may be some consequences
from this - but it is so damn tasty I will suffer. The kids are on non-street food. Too
much potential risk there. We cook for them at home.

R and I have been taking Spanish lessons from the iPad - Etonces Beuno. It's $45 on the App Store, it's kinda aimed at a younger market, but it teaches you the language quite well. So far!

Next posts will talk about travel options, food options and other random bits. With pictures (maybe - our internet is brutal)